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“2 x 1” is a very mild to the skin preparation, which cleanses soiled hands from petroleum products, paints, chemicals, rust etc. It is produced under license of Perladin GmbH – Germany.
Differences between “2 x 1” and the common used products:
- The quantity sufficient to wash up soiled hands, is one gram to each hand (i.e. 2 grams).
- “2 x 1” has an extremely high concentration of surfactants (washing active substances) – over 21 %, compared with 5 – 10 % in traditional products.
- While the common used products contain only one kind of surfactant, the paste “2 x 1” contains a system of 3 different surfactants, removing different pollutants.
- Normally most of the used products have pH (alcality) about 10, while the pH of our product is strictly controlled in the range between 6 and 8 – close to the human skin’s pH.
- In the ordinary products as an abrasive is used mineral sand, or wooden particles (often big sized). This kind of abrasives harms the hand’s skin, and even block the drainage systems. “2 x 1” contains soft polymer abrasive with controlled granulometry, which guarantees very good washing without wounds.
- Contains Glycerin, also coconut oil derivatives, used as mild ingredients in the products for children.
- The use of “2 h 1” is a care for worker’s health. The cream-paste prevents skin cracking, which could lead to worse working ability, discomfort, sensibilization of skin.
- “2 x 1” is also suitable for use in the kitchen – for cleaning tiles, cookware, fridge etc., without risk of scratching.
- Our policy of quality control (certified according ISO 9001:2000) helps us to keep the constant high quality of the product.