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Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the tree “Argan”, known as “Tree of life” or “The Father of all” among local tribes. Relic from the tertiary, it only grows in southwestern Morocco and has been declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1998. 80 kg Argan nuts must be processed in order to obtain 1 liter of oil. For cosmetic oil production the seeds are not roasted and are cold pressed. Argan oil is particularly effective against aging and cell degeneration, dry and inflamed skin, acne and scars. Essential fatty acids help the skin to fight against dryness; Argan oil smoothes it and improves its elasticity. Olive oil acts as an antioxidant, soothes and refreshes the skin, protects it from drying out. Vitamins content has regenerating effect and prevents wrinkles.
Aries Cosmetics presents a new line of products for skin and hair care "Arganic ®" with Argan and Olive oils for Facial care, Body Care and Hair Care. Our products are parabens and dye free. Argan and Olive oils used in the product series "Arganic ®" are 100% natural oils, produced by the method of cold pressing: pure "liquid gold".
Slow down the aging process and enjoy the magic effects of "Arganic ®" skin & hair care new line, formulated with Argan and Olive oils !