Q10+R night cream 50 ml

Q10+R night cream 50 ml

GARANCE biointensive Q 10 + R  anti-wrinkle NIGHT CREAM

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Double action against wrinkles: CoEnzyme Q 10 plus CoEnzyme R:

CoEnzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) is a naturally occurring substance, found in skin, which stimulates skin cell turnover, and prevents aging. When skin ages, it loses a significant amount of CoEnzyme Q 10, which must be carried in from outside. Due to its in depth action, the appearance of wrinkles significantly decreases.

CoEnzyme R (Biotin, or Vitamin H) helps the renewal of upper skin layers. CoEnzyme R activates the cell functions and thus acts against appearance of signs of age.

Scientific research shows that when using a facial cream containing these two CoEnzymes, we get following benefits: firmer skin in 10 days, and visible reduction of wrinkle depth in 4 weeks.

 DIRECTIONS:  Every evening after cleaning and refreshing, gently spread the cream and massage on your face, neck and neckline.